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Free ENT Camp by best ENT doctors at dedicated ENT facility

Recently, a free ENT camp was organised at Ghaziabad for increasing awareness about prevention and cures related to Ear Nose and Throat diseases. It is our moral duty to spread the knowledge relevant to needs of society. So that, people in society can lead a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle. But, This is possible only with supported and secure information from a health practitioner. Whenever we come across any information on any social media such as Whats App, Facebook, Twitter etc , the posts must be analysed for its authenticity. It must be understood that false source /information related to health could even put your life in danger. Source and matter of the information are equally needed to trust the information. Like all human beings, we also tend to be bias about some info, but any info on social media must be taken seriously and be checked for honesty as well as truthfulness. Therefore, it is always better to learn directly from the professionals and best practitioners at free camps. You get to know more about diseases and free diagnosis is also available at your fingertips at such camps.

Dr. Mamatarani Rout

ENT Consultant (Otolaryngologist)

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