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ENT-Health Community - A place where you can pour your heart out

With the dedicated ENT health community forum, you’re not only being heard, you can also grow your wisdom by sharing in active online community. That’s why this health forum opens up immense opportunities to learn and get your questions answered for healthy life style.

ENT health forum intended for all patients who wants to understand the latest trends and their affects on patients in ENT field
Heath communities are like plants. More you water them, more they grow and produce fruit

What can you learn?

I will be writing a number of articles regularly in near future to educate my patients about new health diseases that people should know about. Members can follow each other, write and reply to comments and receive relevant notifications. They can also post any questions or queries, which I will be very happy to answer. There is an exponential rise in new diseases and threats in society. For example, some areas of Delhi area are prone to mosquito related diseases while other areas are prone to water related diseases. I will be assisting you by sharing the knowledge about these new threats so that you can secure your family from such diseases.


Although, I will be describing the diseases for a non-medico point of view, you are encouraged to ask questions in comment section about any relevant thing. I will answer all of your queries. For further assistance, I will also guide you to relevant materials which are used by all medical practitioners.

Here’s how to gain most from this blog:

  1. Visit this blog frequently and Read the articles

  2. Ask questions in comment section after logging in

  3. Participate and learn

  4. Share this post and website to your friends

Dr. Mamatarani Rout

ENT Consultant (Otolaryngologist)

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